Happy Birthday to Me

Everyone knows about my cell phone mishap.  I’ve been droning on about it for weeks.  Well soon I will reach the exciting conclusion to this story because today I ordered myself a totally wicked-awesome Happy Birthday phone.

I bent under the pressure of all my friends and jumped the Nokia ship to Sony Ericsson.  The phone I ordered is the T650i and it’s supa-pretty. I’m pumped. I just hope that its blogging feature works on the Fido network so that I no longer have to think “I should blog about that when I get home” and can instead think “I should totally blog about that right now – but won’t cause it’s way too much work.”
Since I ordered the phone online, I imagine they’ll ship it on Monday.  The shipping is 1-2 days so hopefully it’s here for my birthday on Thursday. Yeah!
P.S. Watch this cool youtube video that showing off the phone’s light-up effects!
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