On Take Home Exams…

Imagine this:

The school term is almost over. The last week has been absolute hell but the seemingly endless pile of assignments has finally been completed and you breathe a sigh of relief.

You stroll into one of your last lectures, happy that all you have to do now is sit and learn, and then write the final. It’s during this happy moment that your teacher drops the bomb: You final exam is three hours of multiple choice questions, and two take home essays. F*CK ME. That’s what you think.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to the middle of exams. You’ve completed all but the last one, you’re a tuckered out, and you just want to write a straightforward multiple choice test. But you can’t. You have to sit in a Starbucks and come up with something to say about Educational Technology. Actually… make that two somethings. Two papers.

I don’t want to write these. I just want to take the multiple choice test. I’m losing my motivation and the frenchman next to me, gesturing loudly while on his cell phone, is beginning to piss me off.

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