It’s British Semantics really

Earlier today I avoided my take-home exam by sitting at Starbucks where I feigned work.

I sat in my stool at the bar and watched as Gary deviated from the perpendicular, resting his hand atop the sanitizer machine. He stood aghast at his now crud-laden hand and exclaimed, “I leant over and now look what’s on my hand!”

I told him leant isn’t a word. But I was proven wrong:

leant (lěnt)
v. Chiefly British
1. A past tense and a past participle of lean.
2. To Deviate from the perpendicular.

While I generally prefer the British version of all things relating to the English language, this time my ego is involved. So today I think Stupid Gary and his stupid British sayings.

We’re in Canada Gary.

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4 Responses to It’s British Semantics really

  1. blogfaceblog says:

    uhhh, sorry ryan but we’re speaking ENGLISH.

    as in from ENGLAND.


  2. blogfaceblog says:

    furthermore, i think it would be ‘feigning work’ or ‘feigning working’, not ‘feigning to work.’

    bow down at my mastery of the english language. bwah ha ha ha ha.

  3. My Name is Ryan says:


    It’s my blog. I can write what I want, you tinge.

  4. blogfaceblog says:

    i’ve never been more insulted in my life!

    you tinge!

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