I’m Ridiculous

I spend money on the stupidest things.

Generally, I like what I’m spending my money on. But I tend to get excited about things and then over do it in a short period of time. For example, last year I revived my old Nintendo and wound up buying a bunch of games for it on eBay. I love my Nintendo. I love the games. I have no regrets. But I always wind up going really gung-ho for a week or two until I’m distracted by my next new hobby.

This week’s hobby is stamping supplies. I’m not a “crafty” person. I don’t scrapbook. I don’t make ugly hand-made cards (I make nice-understated ones.) But holy-hell is it ever easy to spend a crap-load of money on it. I looked through my banking info for the past week and I have spent more money on supplies than I care to admit.

All this means is that if you do anything for me – you’re getting a card. If it’s your birthday – you’re getting a card. If you die – you’re getting a card.

Just know that along with the massive amount of time I invest into making it, I also spent a hell of a lot more money buying the supplies to make the card than I would have if I just bought a stupid card from Chicken Scratch.

My goal is to change my obsessive consumer habits by the end of the month. I will adhere to this goal buy deciding on big ticket items I want to purchase and then saving the money I would otherwise squander for said item. It’s funny how consumption is how I plant to reduce my consumption. God I hate that part of myself.

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