Thai Chicken Curry

When it comes to cooking, I have one guy I trust more than anyone else: James Peterson. He has a gigantic cookbook that includes recipes and steps and photos on how to cook virtually everything.

Well yesterday I made the book’s Thai Chicken Curry which is made completely from scratch. I had to go to the Lucky 97 market in China Town so I could buy weird things like Kaffir Lime leaves and Galangal and Thai Hot Peppers. First of all, I can’t believe how cheap the lucky 97 market is. Second of all, I’m so impressed with the curry from scratch. It was so fragrant, and so delicious, I’m very pleased. Next time the weather is a little cooler and I can cook inside again, I might take a second go at it.

I realize this post isn’t terribly interesting, if you ask Gary, he’ll tell you that none of my stories lately have been interesting (and in all fairness he’s totally right.) But I really needed to let everyone know how awesome James Peterson and the Lucky 97 Market are.

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