F*%* You Bell!

Earlier this year I payed a fairly large chunk of money to end my mobile contract with Bell. My cell phone broke, and rather than renew with them for a free phone, I payed out the time and signed with Fido instead.

Bobby just received a notice from Bell that his fee for call display is going up $2 and that every incoming text message will cost him $0.15. That’s Bullshit! I’m so glad I left that company because now with Fido I get decent customer service, better phones (hurray iPhone!), per second billing, and no b.s. text message fee.

I can’t believe that Bell and Telus would introduce this fee when they’re already going to have to compete with Fido and Rogers who will soon be selling the iPhone.

I hope all the Telus and Bell customers leave and sign up with Fido. Pay out your contracts! It’s worth it to avoid the ridiculousness that is Bell. Trust me.

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