The Capital Ex: Formerly known as Scuzz Days

For Fallon’s birthday extravaganza, a handfull of us went to the Capital Ex and, oh man, what a show.

First of all, let me say that I love working on Whyte Ave because it is prime for people-watching. Now let me say that the Capital Ex makes people-watching on Whyte Ave seem like a waste of time. Holy shit, Edmontonians are fantastic.

The first brilliant even of the day occurred shortly after Gary and I walked through the gates. We were heading toward the Fire Ball (be careful when using this ride as a meeting point because it turns out there are -2- rides called the Fire Ball at the Capital Ex) when we walked past a man and his girlfriend (wife?) pushing a stroller. As they walked, she looked off to the side and accidentally veered the stroller into the man’s walking path. He stopped, looked at her, and shouted “WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU LEARN TO DRIVE?” So another perfect day at the Capital Ex begins.

Once we met up with everyone, Fallon commented that they just passed some shirtless guy with the hottest body she had ever seen and the ugliest face she had ever seen. It turns out that a lot of guys at the ex fit this description: Shirtless, buff, ugly, and trashy.

Gary spotted one of the best sights at the Ex, which was a girl wearing thick flip-flop sandals that read, “Smells like couture” on the side. Gary poignantly remarked, “I don’t think so,” and we moved on.

Later in the evening we went to see Dragonette. They were spectacular. I made Gary wait in line with me for their autographs after the show even though I was more than 10 years older than most of the people in line. When we got to the front, I had no idea what to say to them so I awkwardly stumbled over my words until I spat out, “My name is Ryan.” I think the lead singer and the keyboard player thought I was handicapped. The drummer made no comment but the guitarist, Joel, was quite friendly and noted, like everyone does, that i look like Stiffler. Now I have an autograph from Dragonette with an, “I look like Stiffler” comment on it. It’s fantastic. Next time I go to their show, I’m bringing a sign that says “Joel thinks I look like Stiffler – Play True Believer for me.”

It was a great day. But this post is getting really long so I’m stopping now.

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