I think Apple products are over-hyped.

But I’m a sucker for them anyway. My newest obsession is their MobileMe service. I started using it when I needed to post some photos online and wanted my friends and family to be able to download decent sized pictures so they could go out and print them themselves. I started using flickr but got fed-up with it after about 10 mins and signed up for the 60 day free trial of MobileMe.

If you’ve never heard of it, it takes your computers (desktop/laptop/work computer) and syncs them if you so desire (you even have the choice of selecting what is synced between them. In my case, I have Safari bookmarks, my address book, my email, and some other stuff synced. If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch, it also syncs those with your computers. You also get a bunch of storage space, really awesome photo and video galleries, and the ability to make a website/blog using iWeb.

I realize nobody cares about this stuff as I do but I think it’s a super big deal when software developers figure out a way to tie all of your devices together using the same suite of software. It makes life a lot easier. My two complaints right now are that the syncing is sometimes a little glitchy and that it’s very expensive. It’s about $100 for a year’s subscription. Right now I’ve got my free trial and we’ll see whether or not I renew once that’s up.

Check out the gallery here.

It’s pretty sweet.

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