On Board Games

My favourite thing about getting together at Christmas is that my family always plays ridiculous board games.

Over the years we have developed several favourites: Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase, occasionally Cranium or Pictionary. My favourite is Catch Phrase. It’s a frantic blend of Hot Potato and a simple word game. You just try to get your team to say the word on the disc and then pass it on before time runs out. The best part is that the timer is random and accelerates as it gets closer to running out. This inadvertently causes mayhem as teams are throwing the disc back and forth and as people’s gestures and descriptions become louder and more grand. The team caught holding the disc when time runs out succumbs to the cheers and jeers of their opponents and team mates. It’s ridiculous.

Take my sister for example. I’m not sure what she’s doing – but it looks stupid and that’s enough for me.

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