Elixir of Life

As I have been feeling under the weather, I have been drinking copious amounts of tea but have been avoiding my morning coffee. Today is my first day back to school since catching this bug and, regardless of my dry itchy throat, I am having my morning cup of coffee dammit. I’ll quickly interject that I’m a bit of a snob and it’s not really a morning coffee per-se but rather espresso. Delicious, delicious, espresso.

The way some smokers argue they could quit anytime, I also argue that I am not completely dependent on coffee; That’s a load of crap. I may be able to quit anytime but why would I want to?? I love coffee. More often than not, what gets me out of bed in the morning is the thought of my coffee. We all have our vices – don’t judge.

I’m like Fry in that episode of Futurama where he gets in the car accident and Zoidberg has to put him back together:

“I have bad news,” Zoidberg says, “I couldn’t re-attach your dorsal fin.”
“Can I live without it?” Fry asks.
“If you call that living!” replies Zoidberg.
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