A Haiku

It’s been very cold again the last couple of days.  My walks to and from school haven’t been as enjoyable as they were a week ago but as usual, I’m strangely amused by the sound cold snow makes under my shoes.  The following “haiku” (quotation marks are intentional as the poem is obviously crap) is a shout-out to two of my new readers: snow and styrofoam.

my feet on the snow

styrofoam on styrofoam

hey sally and deja

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3 Responses to A Haiku

  1. sally says:

    yes! i’m a blogosphere celeb!

  2. JetEngineJesus says:

    does this mean i am a meme now?

  3. grandefullbody says:

    You’ll totally be a meme once I post all of your photoshop photos. I’ll write clever comments like “invisible onion and knife” on them and they’ll be available for sale in a compendium at Urban Outfitters.

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