Reunite This.

Last night’s high school reunion was a smashing success thanks to the phenomenal planning of Ester, Helen, Kati, and Matt, as well as Kim’s heavy-handed wine pouring at the bar.  Needless to say, am a smidge hung-over today.  The evening’s “three” glasses of wine steamrolled my 28 year old head.

Reunion’s are a funny thing.  The social circles and hierarchies of yesteryear rear their heads before one has the chance to pin his nametag to his cardigan.  Vic being virtually devoid of social cliques eliminated most of the potential awkwardness–but not all of it.

First lesson in avoiding reunion-disaster: Find out what ‘business casual’ means.

Prior to my arrival at the shin-dig, I sent Ester a last minute text asking what to wear.  She suggested something along the lines of ‘cocktail with friends.’  Enter Fred Perry desert boots, raw denim, and polo under cardigan. Done.  It would seem, however, that to others whose idea of formal involves dressing for diplomats (they made sure to inform me of this–being in the military, you know) business casual means wear your grad dress.  Needless to say, faux-pas-o-rama.

Second lesson: When someone excitedly shouts your name, avoid obviously searching for their nametag.

Oh God it was awkward.  Not that I didn’t remember who she was, but come on.  It’s been ten years and she was pregnant.  Needless to say, she didn’t speak with me the rest of the evening and she avoided saying goodbye when leaving for the night. Ooops.

That was only after the first glass of wine.  You can imagine after the third.

People have been asking if there was anyone I wanted to avoid running into and I have to say no.  My school was pretty drama-free (unless you count the drama kids over-performing the readings they did in english.)  Most of the people I saw last night are people I see anyhow–and they’re all people I like.

The only suggestion I have for anyone whose reunion is coming up:  Don’t go to Buddy’s once you leave the party.  Even if they entice you with free cover for bringing your reunion ID, it’s not worth it.  The ‘dance’ remix of Halo by Beyoncé, as promising as it sounds, is somehow less danceable than the untouched original. And seeing Perez glammed up as a drag-queen is just as offensive on the eyes as the remix is on the ears.

Quote of the night: “I think she had feelings then.  Like, you know when you have feelings and you express them through your hair?”

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