About a dance party–and Emanuel

Life in the big onion is sometimes trying–the Fringe, West Edmonton Mall, taking transit–but I like my life here okay thanks to my wicked awesome friends. For the whole of my twenties, however, I’ve been steadily losing these friends to other cities and better climates while I continue to plod through waist deep snow eight months of the year. Last night was the farewell party of another great Edmontonian, my dear friend Emanuel, and as the kitty above suggests, he will be sorely missed.

The good thing about Emanuel’s send off was the dance party at the babehaus. Crystal, Christal, Jill and Martina sure know how to throw a shindig with the help of President’s Choice (WHICH I LOVE!) and some rad DJ-ing by yours truly. I find that going out dancing is super lame these days because every bar seems to want to play unrecognizable remixes of well loved songs into which you can only interject the odd “my my my my poker face” as the lyrics become vaguely decipherable behind the “mmm cchhh mmm cchhh” of the track. Anyhow, the wickedness of last night’s babehaus dance was that it was fun to get down to some singable hits à la Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Backstreet Boys et al. sans remix. Aside from a clear PWNing by Ted in what was supposed to be a dance off but was really no competition, I consider the evening a success based on Laurel’s sweet dance moves and how often we played Aphrodite. (YOU COULD PLAY THIS SONG 10 TIMES IN A ROW AND IT WON’T BE ENOUGH!).

The point of all this being that Emanuel will be missed, Edmontonians are rad, the babehaus is awesome and, sorry dear friends, but Robert and I will be joining the likes of Emanuel and Gary in Vancouver next year once I finish school. I hate to leave all my fantastic Edmonton friends but I can’t handle the snow anymore.

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