Delicious Pizza–and Something About a Fire

Well Italian Centre, you have helped me bring one more ridiculous meal to the table.  This afternoon’s pizza was an unbridled success although following Jeff Varsano’s advice and using as hot an oven as possible (in this case, my barbecue with a baking stone) led to a blazing inferno in my my barbecue.  The resulting cloud of smoke was thick enough to rival BCs forest fires and I don’t think the old lady living above me was terribly appreciative.  I should have brought her some of the wicked pizza.

Once the flames died down, we first cooked a pizza margherita and then followed it up with a carmelized onion and blue cheese pie. They were ridiculous.  Honestly, the Italian Centre dough is perfect, easy to handle and delicious–and cheap.

I can’t wait until my next pizza adventure.  I just hope that the crap in the bottom of my barbecue is all burned off so I don’t have to go through the stress of talking Robert down from a panic attack again.  I’m pretty sure he thought I was going to torch the whole building.  But it was fine. What could possibly go wrong?

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