That’s a spicy-a meat-a-ball

Man, I forgot how awesome the Italian Centre is.  I head down to the Superstore on 51st and Calgary Trail often enough and the Italian Centre is just a block over from there but I somehow never make the short journey.  Yesterday, when I went out to refill my propane tank and buy some bread, I decided to skip Superstore (GASP! to those of you who know how much I love president’s choice) and try my luck with the Italians.  Galen Weston would be crying in his myriad sweaters if he knew I betrayed him. Next time Galen, next time.

I’m always impressed that everything at the Italian Centre is so cheap (my avocados were only 89¢!) and they have the best array of meats and cheeses.  The real surprise of the trip was the frozen pizza dough I discovered.  It’s made there in their own bakery and it’s four bucks for four balls.  You can’t make it for that!

Jennie’s coming by this afternoon and we’re going to make some-a-delicious-a-pizza-pies before heading down to Fringe (where I will be avoiding anything related to Teatro La Quindicina read here and here–they seem crazy and plus I don’t want to get banned from the beer gardens.  They just might try to extend their self-righteous grasp that far.)  Maybe the Teatro is just pissed off because the Next Act is under new ownership and management.  I know I am.  But either way: craaa-zyyyy.

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2 Responses to That’s a spicy-a meat-a-ball

  1. Vivid Print says:

    Don’t be a stranger! And you’ll be safe here – we’ve erected razor wire in the alley between us and the Varscona to keep the thespians at bay!

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