That’s a hashtag, right guys?

Earlier today I was at Breathe fitness working with Edmonton’s premier personal trainer Len Panchuk when, after a gruelling workout, I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air.  Too bad that that’s not what I found.  Instead, the unexpected blanket of smoke nearly made me barf on the Fringe goers feeling their way through the haze for mini-donuts and green onion cakes.  It was pretty gross.

Things have gotten worse throughout the day and I barely made it across the street from my pad before my eyes and lungs begged me to go back indoors.  I had planned to take a dramatic picture of downtown’s skyline from Oliver–a moody blend of silhouetted buildings amidst the warm glow of a markedly obscured sun–but I couldn’t see downtown. It’s nine blocks away and it’s completely indiscernible.  The buildings across the street are barely discernible:

Given the volume of rain we’ve had in Edmonton I guess I was sort of in denial about the whole BC forest fires thing.  In reading an article about the smoke over at the Edmonton Journal Online, I really liked this guys response to the situation:

Well played sir.  That’s a petition I’d gladly sign and Envision wouldn’t even have to pay me to take part.

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3 Responses to #toomuchsmokeforme

  1. It may have been too much smoke – but it is a great photograph.

    • grandefullbody says:

      Thanks Ron. It’s not at all the kind of photo I anticipated taking in the smoke–funny how things work out like that.

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