On account of Gary’s complaining, I need to use something other than “that awful picture of him” which, unfortunately, I think is COMIC GENIUS!  For now, I’ve hand drawn the strip but I’ll tell you right now, I think it’s more effort than I’m willing to invest on a semi-regular basis.  At least until I’m done school permanently.

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The Adventure Continues

Very few of you are gonna get this so I should explain.  Didier and I were once text message conversing and the conversation literally unfolded as above.  The hilarious thing is that writing a saying such as potato/potato is as lost in texting as it is in blogging so I really need you to just bear with me.  Obviously, when Gary goofed and texted potato/potato it was the perfect opportunity to jump on something insanely hilarious and worthy of an ongoing inside joke.  So now, it is obviously one of my favourite sayings and I use it at virtually every opportunity.  It’s become part of my vernacular along with bitch please, that’s life, no big deal, and hey wha-haaapen?

My life is becoming a string of catch phrases AND I LOVE IT!

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Roland Desrosiers and Dider Flamonde

There have been a couple periods of my life where I’ve developed this uncanny feeling that I’m going to get something awesome in the mail and each time it resulted in me getting a surprise scholarship I didn’t know about.  Honestly.  Well, I’ve had that feeling again and have been neurotically checking my mailbox since it’s obviously a proven science and I’m certain that money is headed my way.  Quelle surprise when I received a piece of mail yesterday from the university with my address and someone else’s name.  Obviously the University had made a mistake, obviously this was a scholarship for me, obviously I just needed to call the University and inform them of their egregious error.  Alas, it was no scholarship; it was just mail for some dude who had the wrong address.  I lose.

Or do I?!

Skyping with Gary last night I recounted this story and we realized that even though this whole mail debacle was a disappointment, the name of the fellow for whom the letter was intended IS THE PERFECT PSEUDONYM FOR YOURS TRULY!  From now on, you may call me Roland Desrosiers: King of the Interents. (Yes, interents–please read the comments on this post of Gary’s to find out why. Hint: GET OFF THE INTERENT!!!!!)

This conversation led Gary to inform me of his pseudonym: Didier Flamonde.  I think he said he’d write a post about the evolution of his name (basically the GAYEST thing on earth) and when he does I will also link to that.

Given these two brilliant monikers, I felt it necessary to immortalize these characters in a comic book of sorts.  Gary and I have oft discussed how our lives would make a brilliant reality show (who wouldn’t want to watch two gays getting drunk in the afternoon at some bougie restaurant?) and I think the comic is possibly the best medium for our message.

Now, my blog track record isn’t great so I promise nothing but my intentions are good.  Also, we live in separate cities so its not like the hilarity is none stop these days.  Either way, you can look forward to The Adventures of Roland Desrosiers and Dider Flamonde as a semi-regular blog feature.


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